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We are based out of Birmingham, Alabama, which is home to one of the most influential campaigns of Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement was a fight for equality, but today economic inequalities still exist. African Americans make up 74 percent of Birmingham’s population and 42 percent of Jefferson County. Business revenues in Jefferson County come in around $100 billion collectively. However, Black-owned businesses make up less than 1 percent of Jefferson County’s revenue. We have a way to bridge that gap by supporting Black-owned businesses and fostering growth in the African American community.

We want to work with the more than 200 African American civic organizations in the area to reinvest funds into the black community. Right now, there is no institution that harnesses resources and focuses on grantmaking to support organizations helping African American communities. The Penny Foundation can meet this need by connecting people, nonprofits, and other resources to strengthen and transform black communities.

Take ownership of the community issues that matter to you and make an impact. The Penny Foundation can help you create meaningful, relevant change through intentional, identity-based giving. Your gift can support the growth of future leaders and support community development. Make your donation today.

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