Corporate Giving Program

Elevate Your Organization’s Community Presence

Keep updated on local, regional and national news that’s relevant to your interests and passion. Tell us what you want to accomplish – or what you care about – we’ll help you focus your resources to make the most impact!

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We Plan to Sign Up 100 Small Businesses This Year!


Less Expensive Than Starting a 501c(3)

Fund Grants to Public Charities

Pay Employee Matching Grants

Grow Brand and Visibility

Receive Tax Benefits

Build A Charitable Reserve


    There is a one-time professional service fee of $300 to start a Corporate Giving Program.

    Organizations must have a minimum of $1,000 to open the account.

    To sustain the program, The Penny Foundation will charge 5% annually – 1.25% payable quarterly – with a sliding fee scale that begins at $100,000.