Vision & Goals

What Is An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

It’s people and the culture of trust and collaboration that allows them to interact successfully.

We are building an ecosystem for inclusive procurement and 

access to capital for minority businesses.


Increase Ease of Doing Business with the City and County


Create Avenues for Businesses Operating Without a License to Become Properly Licensed


Create Clear Pathways for Businesses to Gain Access to Capital and Contracts


Increase Revenue of Black-owned Businesses in Jefferson County

If you are interested in developing an inclusive ecosystem for small and minority businesses that increase equitable outcomes in starting a business, doing business, and accessing capital, contact us today.

Demographics and Financial Goals

The Need is Great.

We are based out of Birmingham, Alabama, which is home to one of the most influential campaigns of the Civil Rights Movement. The Movement was a fight for equality; however, today economic inequalities still exist.


African Americans make up 74% of Birmingham’s population and 42% of Jefferson County.


Did you know business revenues in Jefferson County come in at around $100 Billion collectively? However, Black-owned businesses make up less than 1% of Jefferson County’s revenue.


We have a way to bridge the gap by supporting Black-owned businesses and fostering growth in the African American community. Looking ahead, we plan to:


Raise $2,000,000 in Individual and Institutional Sponsorships


Facilitate Partnerships that Support Business Development and Education


Annually Grant $250,000


Develop a stronger ecosystem for social, service organizations serving the Black community.

Create Opportunity. Give Back To Community Today.