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Our Impact: Creating programs that help collect and disseminate important information

Our Mission: We aim to be a trusted leader in organizing people to support philanthropic causes in the Black community. We enhance support for implementing effective capacity-building for people and organizations by mobilizing additional financial, social, and intellectual resources. We will provide efficient and effective services to build a collection of permanent funds.

Your investment in The Penny Foundation is stewarded by a staff, volunteers and board of directors committed to providing programming that supports and affirms the Black community. These programs drive economic growth, innovation and community development — ultimately creating opportunities and addressing economic inequality.

With your help, we are committed to increasing generational wealth, sustaining smart communities, supporting entrepreneurship, building stakeholder relationships and assisting nonprofits and other organizations in bolstering the Black community.

The Penny Foundation’s signature programs include:

Submit Your Program

Do you have a suggestion for programming to improve the community? Let’s work together! Our team is ready to provide boots on the ground support in bringing your idea to life. Before submitting your idea for consideration, please consider whether it meets the following criteria:

Does your idea:

  • Fall within The Penny Foundation’s mission?
  • Address one of the following community issues: Education, Community Development, or Economic Development?
  • Have a committee or workgroup assigned to monitor the program/project?
  • Have a plan for evaluating your efforts?
  • Identify the various resources needed to run the program (such as funding, facilities, clients, program staff, and volunteers)?
  • Have processes in place to deliver services (such as how clients are counseled, children are cared for, art is created or how association members are supported)?
  • Outline the specific outputs to measure your program’s effectiveness (such as a number of clients counseled, children cared for, artistic pieces produced or members in the association)?
  • Outline the specific outcomes, or impacts on the clients who are receiving the services, (such as increased mental health, safe and secure development, richer artistic appreciation and perspectives in life or increased effectiveness among members)?

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