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We enhance support for implementing effective capacity-building for people and organizations by mobilizing additional financial, social, and intellectual resources. We provide efficient and effective services to build a collection of permanent funds.


Your investment in the Penny Foundation is stewarded by a staff, volunteers and board of directors committed to offering grants that support and affirm the Black community. These grants drive economic growth, innovation, and community development — ultimately creating opportunities and addressing economic inequality.

Donor Advised Funds

A Convenient and Flexible Option for Families, Churches, Alumni Associations, Social Clubs and Professional Organizations to Streamline Philanthropy and Leverage Resources.

How Donor Advised Funds Work

Donor Advised Funds are a way for individuals, families, trusts, estates, nonprofits, and organizations to maximize tax benefits while leaving behind a charitable financial legacy managed by the Penny Foundation. These gifts may be cash contributions, publicly traded stock, certain types of property, or a bequest. Creating, contributing to, and making grants from Donor Advised Funds are restricted by federal laws.


Relying on the Penny Foundation to manage your gift lessens and eliminates the administrative burden associated with such donations.

Below are more specific details to each fund.

corporate giving

Elevate your organization’s community presence

keep updated on local, regional and national news that’s relevant to your interests and passion. Tell us what you want to accomplish – Or what you care about – We’ll help you focus your resources to make the most impact!

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