Community-Owned Grocery Stores

Creating The COGS Chain

We are developing a chain of community-owned grocery stores (COGS) to establish sustainability in areas of low resources. It is often believed that areas designated as foods deserts lack the financial means. However, we believe with the right tools much can be accomplished.

We are here to redirect the narrative in the provision of fresh goods and produce for designated areas commissioned by their community. Developed stores will speak to the nuances of each community they reside in. Locations will provide everything from cooking demonstrations to financial entities. Individuals will have the chance to receive quick nutrition from available hot bars, as well as complete day-to-day financial transactions. The initial COGS chain is set to break ground in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Do you live in an area that is more than 15 miles away from the supermarket? Do you know someone who lives in an area of very low resources? Take our short survey and share what you know.

Moving COGS Forward

Right now we are taking the steps to develop the initial store, which will be a part of an extended chain. Our focus is to implement a model that is parallel in design to each community, meeting specific needs of the area.

It will take the voice of the people to communicate what is needed, which is why we are developing steering committees. Members of the Steering Committee will promote the COGS to other residents, decide the name of the store, as well as its values and mission. Individuals will provide feedback in regards to the location, products, and services of the store.

To join the Steering Committee you have to pledge to be a shareholder of the store, be a resident of its zip code, and believe that creating a community-owned grocery store is possible. Click the button to learn more and join today.

Why Now?

Our plan is to close the gap for the 70% of Birmingham residents who live in food deserts. It has been found that over 1.8 million Alabama residents – including nearly half a million children – live in communities without grocery stores. That means one of every four people in the State of Alabama live in communities without access. 

By providing the opportunity of ownership, we will create sustainable goods the community is able to invest in. In turn, people, communities, municipalities, and future generations are able to build lasting resources for all to enjoy. With the developed plan everyone wins from community members to local farmers and even government.   

There is no better time than now to support community-owned grocery stores and the provision of fresh produce. To learn more details of our progress ahead join our newsletter.

How You Can Help

Right now the organization seeks to raise $50,000. Funds will go towards startup capital to solidify the location, open the store, and complete renovations. It will take a collaborative effort of community, government and the private sector to achieve this initiative. Steps are currently being taken to lay the foundation in accomplishing our goal.

🏁 The team is in place and management is in order.

👯 Now the support of the people is needed. PLEASE DO:

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Our mission is to establish community-owned grocery stores that provide a wide range of goods and products from top brands, at affordable prices, to the residents of established food deserts. Click the button above to donate.